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New cover is up now! Can’t Remember To Forget You (Shakira Ft.Rihanna) - David Krisnandika . Check it out :

Anonymous asked: Have checked your music on soundcloud, good tracks. However, I see that you don't appear to have the rockstardom you deserve. I have a buddy who is in a band, he swears by "soundcloudmanager". You should check it out

Hey im david from Indonesia. Ohh.. i wanna see that. How can i check it out?

Broken Hearted ( @karminmusic Cover) by David Krisnandika . You can download it now!

Broken Hearted Lyrics

This is more than a typical kinda thing
Felt the joints in my bones when you were touching me
Oh, oh, didn’t want to take it slow
And in the days, going crazy, I can barely think
You’re replaying through my brain
I find it hard to sleep
I’m waiting for my phone to blow
See I’ve been waiting all day
For you to call me babe
So let’s get up, let’s get on and
Don’t you leave me brokenhearted tonight
Honest, babe, I’ll do
Anything you want to
So can we finish what we started
Don’t you leave me broken hearted tonight
I can’t seem to let you go

'But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world. Welcome to My Official Blog , I AM DAVID.' Find me on Soundcloud :

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